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Are you looking to hone your editing skills or get some practice editing real estate photos? You're in the right place!


This Flambient Editing Practice Pack gives you access to a full set of RAW images to practice and learn editing with from a real life real estate shoot that I shot personally. In addition to the RAW images, this practice pack contains a screen recording video in which I demonstrate how I would edit this set images using the flambient editing technique utilizing a combination of Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. In the screen recording video, I take you through editing each image step by step, explaining everything along the way including importing and exporting your images.


Lastly, this editing practice pack contains a folder of my final edited images from the session so that you can compare your final edited images to mine and see how they compare if you so choose. Once you go through one of these practice packs, you will have a good understanding of the editing process and you should have all you really need to know in order to edit professional quality real estate photos!

Flambient Editing Training/Practice Pack

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