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Inside Real Estate Photography is a YouTube channel and online community dedicated to the field of real estate photography. On this channel, we explore the different methodologies and approaches to the craft of real estate photography in the form of video tutorials and discussions of gear and equipment that can help us do our job well and more efficiently. We don’t just stop at photography either; we get in-depth on video production, drone photography and video and beyond. There’s no part of the real estate photography world that’s off the table for this channel, including the business side of things. In short, I want to provide the most comprehensive learning resource for real estate photographers on the internet that doesn’t just focus on one approach but explores every avenue so that you may be well informed and make educated decisions on how to maximize the quality of your services and conduct your business in the most effective way possible.


Sure, there are many expensive courses you can buy out there to learn real estate photography or video that would cost you hundreds of dollars and I’m sure they provide decent content. One of my objectives here is to provide you with the same or better level of content as those courses might provide you with but for absolutely free. I will never put any of my educational content behind a paywall; it will always be accessible to everyone. I learned this craft from other real estate photographers and from years of working full time out in the field doing over 1,000 shoots a year and now I feel like I am in a position to where I can give back and share my knowledge and experience and help anyone who may be interested. 


All of you that become a part of this community are a valuable asset to it as you all bring your own unique perspectives and input to the table and enrich the content being provided. The ultimate goal here is creating a community of real estate photographers across multiple social media platforms that can share and learn from each other. My wish is that my content will merely serve as a catalyst to bring us all together and get the conversation going with the hope that we may all help each other become better photographers and business people. 


Thank you for becoming or considering becoming a part of this community. I know that you have something valuable to add to and to gain from the conversation. I (and the rest of the community) hope you will subscribe and take an active role in this with us so that we may all learn something valuable from each other! 


Mike Burke

Inside Real Estate Photography 

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