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Awesome New Sky Replacement Photo Pack for Real Estate Photographers!

So as we all know, sky replacements are an important piece of the puzzle of our workflow as real estate photographers. We can’t control the weather and if we only went out to shoot on perfect days then we’d go broke. Also, even on nice days sky replacements can come in handy helping enhance our photos by making the sky look that much better. So my point is that being how important sky replacements are to us as real estate photographers, it’s definitely beneficial for us to have a high quality bank of skies to pull from to use in our images so we can achieve the best final result.

Nowadays with the new sky replacement tool inside Photoshop 2021 and software like Luminar, you can literally swap out skies in your image almost in a click of a button. I actually made videos about doing sky replacements in both of those pieces of software and I will link to those here and here. By default, these programs come with some preloaded skies which are not bad but there is not a lot to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult finding the right sky for your particular image. Also, you don’t want to be using the same few skies in all of your photos. That’s why it’s a good idea to expand your bank of skies so that you have more options and can always find that perfect sky for your photo.

So that brings us to this sky replacement collection I’ve created specifically with real estate photographers in mind. Throughout this whole entire year I’ve been shooting skies every opportunity I got to build this collection. This pack contains 20 high quality sky images which are the best of the bunch of all the sky images I shot this year and I’m excited to finally share it with all of you. I’m charging just $20 for this sky replacement pack so that’s just $1 per sky photo for you to be able download them via the link in the description and use them forever for your own real estate photography which I think is a very good value.

Now let me tell you a bit more about this sky collection. As some of you who watch my videos regularly probably know, I mainly shoot with a Sony a7siii which is 12MP. I realized some of you out there may want more resolution than that so for this particular project I shot all the images with my Sony a7iii which is 24MP so there is plenty of resolution there so nothing to be concerned about in that department. All of these images are 6000 x 4000 pixels at 300DPI which is plenty of resolution for this application. None of these images were cropped in on after the fact from a photo taken for another purpose. They were all taken specifically for the purpose of sky replacements and the entire frame was composed of just sky in order to capture the fullest resolution sky photos possible with the a7iii.

Let’s talk about file formats. I’ve included both JPG and DNG versions of each photo. For most of our uses, the JPG version will serve just fine. The DNG files are there though for maximum flexibility If you really wanted to do some editing or tweaking of the sky image yourself for one reason or another. I did however tweak and optimize each photo myself to how I saw fit prior to releasing them in this pack so they should be good to go.

The sky replacement pack can be purchased here.

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